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The visibility strategy of the project will encompass all actions to be undertaken in order to ensure visibility and appropriate promotion of project activities. If actions fall under Erasmus+ projects, all actions of visibility must be in accordance with EU and Erasmus + guides of visibility.
Examples are putting logos on outputs such as documents, making social media posts, writing a blog post, etc.

Hashtag suggestions

Definitely #MigraCode, and furthermore you can use #OpenEducation, #NonProfit, #Network, #Erasmus and/or #Tech.


The objective of dissemination activities is the better use of project results for valorisation and knowledge transfer. Dissemination aims at maximising the impact of project results in the public domain.
The target audience of dissemination activities is any potential user of the project results: the scientific community, stakeholders, industry, policy makers, investors, civil society, etc.
Dissemination involves more than just putting a logo on a document (which is visibility), but it means actively involving people in the network or in a specific project related to MigraCode.

LinkedIn page

MigraCode Europe does currently not have active social media channels - we rather use the channels of the partners to share the website and outcomes of Erasmus+ collaborations. There is one exception: since 2022, we have LinkedIn page that we use to reshare LinkedIn posts from partner organisations that are related to MigraCode Europe.
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