Internal comms

Communications methods


Our main communication method is Slack. In our Slack workspace, we have all partners from all Erasmus+ collaborations, but also various external partners such as schools and educational institutions that can share information and join the conversation.
In #general, overall news and updates is shared, mainly by the lead organisation of the network, Open Cultural Center. In #best-practices, we can share educational or other useful tips and hints with all partners involved.
Each Erasmus+ collaboration has their own open channel for full transparancy, named after the nr. of the collaboration, such as #migracode-5. Some have also confidential channels for financial and other sensitive topics.

Google groups

For easy email communication for larger, urgent messages, we use the Google Group email addresses from each Erasmus+ collaboration. They are named after the nr. of the collaboration, such as [email protected]
When sending an email to a group email address, all members of that specific collaboration will receive that email.

Google Drive

To share documents, sheets and basically any other kind of files, it's recommended to use Google Drive as most NGOs around Europe use it so it matches easily. But also for non-Google users, it's free to add or send files.


Only during transnational meetings and training activities of Erasmus+ collaborations, we have WhatsApp groups for each collaboration to coordinate practialities.
Recommendation: NGOs can freely make use of Google Workspace, which offers many really good collaboration tools completely free, including Gmail, Calendar, Forms and more. To request it for your organisation, have a look over here.

Best practices

  • In general, we recommend Slack for overall communication. It's fast and easy and allows (mobile-friendly) interaction.
  • Don't send to many emails to the group email addresses, it's easy to overload people with emails.
  • Use threads in Slack to prevent an overload of messages in the channels, as what happens in WhatsApp groups.