About MigraCode Europe

What is MigraCode Europe?

Migracode is a European network of code schools made possible by various nonprofit organisations. The network also collaborates with corporate business and other organisations to support vulnerable groups all throughout Europe.
The network promotes the exchange of best practices between all schools, made possible through online and transnational meetings supported by the European Union.
All schools offer free tech education to youth refugees and migrants and support them as well with their job search. In line with this, they all share the same goals of labour integration and social inclusion.

Purpose of the network

  1. 1.
    Fostering labour integration of migrant and refugee communities through open technical educational programs
  2. 2.
    Creating awareness of the situation of refugees and migrants in Europe and what efforts are and can be made to improve their situation
  3. 3.
    Promoting transnational collaboration between European NGOs, schools, organisations, educational institutions and corporate partners
  4. 4.
    Bridging the gap between the need for high-end tech skills and the huge communities of migrants and refugees motivated to learn and work
Important note: the purpose of our network is under constant development and improvement, and may entail much more in the (near) future.

Key pillars


All our schools are cost-free for our students. Each partner of this network offers their educational model for free to migrant communities and supports them in finding labour opportunities in the tech sector.


All our schools aim to find jobs for our students. This means that our partners do not only offer free education, but also employability services to prepare students for the labour market and support them with finding a job.


The network is supported by the EU, which means we work together through mainly Key Action 2 collaboration opportunities, through which we organise trainings, transnational meetings and other collaboration opportunities.


All schools are nonprofit organisations, and our main, shared aim is to support the communities we work with. We work with many volunteers to make this happen and use all our resources to improve our programs.


Our network collaborates with corporate business, to find jobs for our students, to discover CSR opportunities, to work with their employees and to create a shared social impact.


All partners are spread all over Europe, and we regurly meet – online and offline – to share best practices and improve our educational models. We also connect with our other shared partners and work with them to create an EU-wide impact.
All the above information is also visible on the public website http://migracode.eu/.