Preventing drop-outs
Making sure that people actually finish the course and get the opportunity to find a job in tech, is a key factor in running a successful school. Below, we offer an overview of important things to keep into consideration while starting or running a school.
These topics can also be offered as trainings by the existing partners of the MigraCode Network - if you are interested in that please find here how to get in touch.

Getting to know your target group

It is important to understand the context, needs and opportunities of the people you will work with, which can be migrants, refugees and/or asylum seekers from many different nationalities and cultures.
  • how to carry out interviews or focus groups with the potential target group
  • considering results of earlier focus groups
  • starting partner collaborations to get more information about the target group
  • how to understand the psychosocial context
  • how to understand the environmental factors (politics, legal context, etc.)
  • the importance of carrying out additional research
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Camps like these may be the background of some of the students

Getting to know the market and what to teach

Explanation of why this helps to prevent dropouts
  • carrying out surveys with companies for a needs assessment
  • looking at results of earlier surveys
  • Considering experiences of other countries
Knowing what to teach is only possible by knowing the market

How to get students engaged and motivated

Explanation of why this helps to prevent dropouts
  • the need of offering additional support (psychological, legal, etc.)
  • the usefulness of teaching assistants
  • the importance of a mentoring program
  • why offering language classes
  • how to offer solution-focussed therapy
  • how to involve ambassadors such as graduates
  • how to design a good application/pre-course process to prepare students and set expectations
Offering psychological support can be a great method to support students during their course

Choosing the right educational model

Explanation of why this helps to prevent dropouts
  • which specific teaching approaches (flipped classroom or teaching coding without coding for example)
  • picking the matching curriculum(s)
  • offering soft skills trainings (communication skills, emotional intelligence, etc.)
  • how to teach adults and/or youth
  • how to train the trainer
  • attending a live class to see what works
  • using the right (technological) tools to keep classes engaging and interesting
  • how to encourage peer-to-peer learning
Personal relationships and mentor teams can be key in teaching coding accurately