The curriculum(s)
There are various curriculums developed over the last years, ranging from basic computer literacy ones to advanced web development curriculums. Below we have given you some direction on which curriculum you could choose for your school.

Beginner: Basic computer literacy

This section will be extended more soon, but for now we can inform you about two options:
  • The INCO/Coursera/Google-sponsored IT Support course, carried out by various NGOs in Europe with their sponsorship. For this course you will need to work with INCO Academy to implement the Coursera course in your school. Find more information over here (example from MigraCode Barcelona).
  • The Basic Computer Literacy curriculum that MigraCode Barcelona developed together with Open Cultural Center Greece. it's still under development but you can find the first version here.

Advanced: Web development

The core curriculum that most schools use or have used to shape their own curriculum is the one from Hack Your Future Netherlands, the school that came up with the concept of free coding education for refugees and migrants (and other vulnerable populations). This one is still under constant development and the core can be found over here.
Hack Your Future created the strong core content and structure of the curriculum

The core content

On average, the core curriculum - though in different variants (see section below) - is given between 6 and 9 months, with one or two weekly classes and homework included, leading to up to 30 hours of studying for students. The core topics covered are:
  1. 1.
    Git & The Terminal
  2. 2.
    HTML & CSS
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
    Final Projects
Although depending on the country and the market needs, teaching this core (or at least the front-end part of it) can create serious job opportunities for students as there is a high need for the combination of these skills.

Other variants

Other schools have also further developed this curriculum and also adjusted it to their local context. Please find some examples below:
​MigraCode Barcelona (Spain)​
​Hack Your Future (Belgium)​
​Code Your Future (England)​

The MigraCode Network example

From the MigraCode Network, through the Erasmus+ collaborations and specifically to MigraCode II (2019-3-HR01-KA205-077039), we currently use the MigraCode Barcelona version of the curriculum to support other schools in providing a template for their own curriculum. Or, they can simply use the one that MigraCode Barcelona forked from Hack Your Future.
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