We try to have the same approach for each transnational activity so that partners know what to expect and organising organisations can copy/paste the templates for each meeting. Please find our general suggestions below.


Padlet is a great and easy to use tool to create dynamic and sharable views that can include schedules, practical information and other useful tips. It's up to the organizer how to structure the Padlet, but it's an easy-to-use tool. Find an example here (password = migracode) which you can copy, if you want.

Google Calendar

We also strongly recommend to add all the days with venue, timing and other practical information in Google Calendar. You can easily share it with all participants by using the Google Group email address (if any), or invite participants individually. If your organisation does not use Gmail/Google Workspace, you can create a free account or use another digital calendar provider.

WhatsApp group

It's also highly recommended, even though we normally use Slack, to use a WhatsApp group for your transnational meetings to share last-minute and urgent information/changes.
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