As we are a nonprofit network aiming to improve the situation of vulnerable communities, we believe it's also of high importance to take another huge social challenge into consideration that also influences the communities we work with: climate change.
Because of this, we give all partners that need to travel for transnational activities the following recommendations:
  • Travel by train if possible. It may take longer, but working from a train works 100 times better than working from a plane. Apart from that, if you apply for European funding, you can request specific 'Green Travel' to cover the additional costs for traveling by train.
  • If you cannot travel by train, we recommend to merge different activities as much possible. In other words, if you have one activity planned in Greece and one in Spain, try to make them consecutive so you can fly directly to the other country, instead of first flying back to your own country. Not only does that save money for each organisation, it will save many flights considering all the participants of an activity.
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